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Swiss wines: A class apart
Blind tastings by Andreas Larsson and Markus Del Monego our two Best Sommeliers of the World, of wines from all the 6 wine producing regions in Switzerland brought out pleasantly surprising results which highlight the high quality of Swiss wines.

In Red wines, wines from Valais region show outstanding quality with 28 out of 47 wines tasted scoring 89 and above. Jean-Rene Germanier Cayas Syrah Du Valais 2011 shines at the top with 93 and is closely followed by Provins Valais Rouge D’Enfer 2006 with 92.5; Domaine Rouvinez Coeur De Domaine 2011, Flaction Vins-Merlot 2011, Provins Valais –Rouge D’Enfer2010 all scoring 92.Cave Sainte-Anne Le Sorcier 2012, Cave des Amandiers 2011 and Diego Mathier-Syrah Diego Mathier2011 score 91.5 revealing the abundance of high quality wines that Valais region produces. While Diego Mathier Ambassadeur des Domaines Diego Mathier 2011 scores 90.5; Mathier-Merlot Nadia Mathier 2012, Domaines Rouvinez 2012, Cave Des Amandiers-L’Amandier Rouge 2011, Charles Bonvin 2011, Clos de Chateauneuf-Barrique 2009, Jean-Rene Germanier 2009,Jean-Rene Germanier 2008 all scoring 90 deserve special mention for their opulent and mature nose and smooth texture with good weight and length. There are 7more wines in this region which score 89 and above, Cave des Amandiers-Humagne Rouge 2011, 89.5 and Cave St-Pierre 2012 scoring 89 to name a few. In Vaud region Badoux Lettres de Noblesse 2011 is well head of it’s competitors scoring the highest in Vaud-a score of 92.Domaine Louis Bovard2011,Domaine Du Montet2010, Badoux-Lettres de Noblesse 2011 deserve special mention for scoring 90.Tessin the southernmost canton of Switzerland, known for its fantastic Merlots gives noteworthy wines like Agriloro Sottobosco 2011 scoring 92, Riflessi D’Epoca-Cave Guido Brivio S.A. 2011 scoring 89.5 and Agriloro-Tenimento La Prella 2011 and Monticello Vini- Racconti 2010 both scoring 89.Neuchatel region boasts of Domaine de Chambleau –Pur Sang 2011 scoring 92 and Domaine de Chambleau –Pur Sang 2010 scoring 91.5. The Swiss-German region has Cicero-M 2010 scoring 92; Cicero-M 2009,Domaine Donatsch-“Unique”2011 both scoring 90.5 and Domaine Donatsch-“Passion” 2011 scoring 89.5. Geneva region registers its presence by Domaine du Paradis –Pont des Soupirs 2012 with a score of 89.

In the White wines from Switzerland, the top scorer stands taller than its Red counterpart! Valais and Vaud region together give out the top scorers in white wines. Adrian Mathier Gemma Smaragd 2011 from Valais scores a smashing 95 followed by Domaine Rouvinez Grains Nobles 2004 scoring 94 and Provins Valais –Reserve Speciale Maitre Chais 2012 scoring 93 both also from the Valais.Provins Valais-Maitre de Chais 2012, Provins Valais Heida’Reserve Speciale Maitre de Chais 2012, Domaines Rouvinez-Ermitage Prafalcon 2011 and Flaction vins –Lo Teron 2006 from Valais and Domaine Louis Bovard Dezaley Medinette-Grand Cru 2012 from Vaud score 92.Cave Sainte –Anne 2012, La Cave des Champs/Claudy Clavien-Eclats d’Ame 2012, Cave des Amandiers 2009 from Valais all score 91.5.That there is no dearth of great white wines in Valais is ascertained by Heritage Petite Arvine 2012, Robert Gillliard Les Tonneliers 2012, La Torrentiere-Ermitage Selection Charles Rolaz 2011, Provins Valais –Les Titans 2011, Prvins Valais Domaine du Chapitre 2010 scoring 91.Domaine Louis Bovard Sauvignon Vaudois 2012 from Vaud region scores a 90.5.Further Adrian Mathier Petite Arvine de Molignon 2012 from Valais with a score 90 and Badoux les Murailles 2012 from Vaud scoring 89.5 deserve special mention because of their fine quality.

Sweet wines from Valais cannot be missed as Varone Clos de Chateauneuf-Barrique Liqoreuse and Provins Valais Grains de Malice –Maitre de Chais 2010 both score 94.

A common adjective which has long been associated with the Swiss wines is “Secret”. With the amazing scores and comments describing the international quality of Swiss wines, the apt adjective for these wines are “Glorious”, “Elegant”, “Esteemed”….! More power to Swiss wines!
Pallavi Vatsa

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